Surreal Studios provides comprehensive consultancy services from architecture, project management, construction management, web/graphic design and engaging creative solutions in print, web, exhibition, film, animation and CGI.


Architect Abdulhamid Darani is an young leading Kenya based boutique architect renowned for excellence in design.

Our projects range in size, complexity and function. In all cases, however, the focus is on the client and the context, with a tailor-­crafted approach to each unique project. Commercial projects include hotels, office buildings, and residential developments amongst others.

Architect Darani specializes in:

  •  Design
  •  Master Planning
  •  Construction Management and Quality Control

We are based in Kenya , working mainly in East Africa but the office has undertaken projects throughout the region (Uganda, Somalia)

Principal Abdulhamid Darani has a wealth of experience and accomplished projects in multiple contexts. Architect Darani uses his broad experience to craft an innovative and versatile architectural outlook for every unique project.

We focus on working closely with clients to create tailor-­made projects, and faithfully interpret their vision. Above all else, the firm values client trust, and unparalleled quality in the expression and execution of its ideas.

We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, and for each project, the team considers the cultural roots of the structure, and how the building will be best integrated into its environment; the view, the indigenous materials, and the flow of the surroundings. Hallmarks of our projects include contemporary twists on Islamic and swahili architecture; and leveraging natural architecture to showcase natural light, and frame private gardens and open courtyards.

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Nairobi, Kenya
Phone number: +254 711749814
Email Address: info@surrealstudios.co.ke

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“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” – FLW