New Overtime Elite basketball facility to be built in Atlanta

New Overtime Elite basketball facility to be built in Atlanta

New Overtime Elite basketball facility to be built in Atlanta

New Overtime Elite basketball facility to be built in Atlanta


Overtime Elite has announced that they will be constructing a new 103,000 square-foot state-of-the-art basketball facility in Atlanta which will be aimed at offering high-level athletes another possible avenue to the NBA. The city of Atlanta was selected after a year-long search and the complex will be located near the Georgia Tech campus in the Atlantic Station neighborhood. The company is committed to building an equitable, inclusive and diverse workforce.

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They will focus on hiring among communities of color and on employing people who live within Atlanta’s city limits while the league is actively recruiting and hiring a staff of more than 100 people in the city, including basketball staff, residential staff, educators, food service providers, and support staff. The project is going to provide 400 construction jobs in metro Atlanta, at least 30% of which will be diverse hires. Overtime Elite has received funding of nearly US$80 million from investors such as Drake, Jeff Bezos, and 25 NBA players. The facility will be built for the digital age, installed with cameras that will capture games from various angles as well as offering merchandise such as name jerseys, and non-fungible tokens. The 16- to 18-year-olds selected for the league will be paid at least a US$100,000 salary annually and provided US$100,000 per year toward a college scholarship in the event that they don’t land an NBA contract.

“We’re recruiting a number of players from abroad, and with that will be a following in terms of their families, friends, and countries who are supporting them in their journey,” spokesman Ben Sosenko stated. “The city’s storied basketball history, diverse population, the vibrant business community, and rich culture make Atlanta a city where OTE wants to make a commitment as an active contributor to the community,” said Aaron Ryan, the Overtime Elite commissioner, and president.

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