Kirinyaga Road Urban Renewal Flipbook
Clients / Surreal
Skills Used / Design, Reasearch,Archicad, Photoshop,html,css
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  • Under utilization and provision of quality public spaces and disconnect between the CBD and existing parkspaces
  • Traffic congestion, high pedestrian-vehicular conflict., vehicular priority over the pedestrian and lack of universal accessibility provisions in the city for the physically challenged and elderly caused by improperly planned and used commuter stages, ineffective road layout and inadequate parking
  • Small plots and plot ratios for sustainable development and urban growth
  • Lack of adequate and linked public spaces, squares for quality and vivrant social life, lack of sufficient green spaces, pollution of Nairobi river, deterioration of riverfront edges


  • Re-integrate the city with its outlying areas, both vehicular and especially pedestrian axes
  • Creating of commuter termini at outskirts of CBd to reduce congestion
  • Creation of streamlined centralized and strategically located traffic hub/ terminal in CBD periphery, creation of transport district where communal city parking buildings will be located to reduce both congestion and free more parking spaces in CBD
  • Rationalize road layouts
  • Introduce green spaces
  • Amalgamate plots into sustainable sizes, create plot ratio of 4.5 for site district
  • Rehabilitate Nairobi river
  • Creation and integration of mass transit commuter system
  • Creation of series of pedestrian overpasses and underpasses and bridges to humanize the city and create fully walkable city, creation of pedestrian only streets
  • Linkages of existing public/social spaces
  • Functionalist zoning mixed with humanistic design considerations for the proposed public realm