Clients / Surreal Studios
Skills Used / Design,Archicad,Piranesi,Flash,HTML,CSS
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  • the cactus,the rock,the hardscape,the flat nature of land,FLW,hw 2 relate wt grnd plan-smth horiz,hugn the grnd
  • the site paralelogram,outer ring hugs perimeter od site,wt 6m setback-with inner para ring i
  • outer n inner havn road in btw-all enclosed para shaped playgrnd-onnionskin concept,skin within a skin
  • how was tht abstracted frm site?soft part,landscaped area,core of site,fun space,nucleus of the site-the wet part-the succulent part of catus-very thorny n dry outside,wet n soft inside
  • the hardscape houses,road network-the hard part of the cactus
  • the rock-like the outerfacades of bdg lukn like chunks of rock,floating in space-the glazed walls almost like u hv tensile effect-concrete over glass-horizontal chunks over glass-paralelogram shaped
  • masonettes 2 levels-alternating horizontally n vertically

juxta of opposites.

  • illusion.outset gfacades rocky,interior opposite cladding-wooden,soft boarded-oppsoet of rocky exterior
  • interior-tranquil,polite,quiet,relaxing,soft smooth,
  • outside-brutal,no paintwork,glazing on walls,balconies like horizontal lines thick n rocky,parapet wall roccky
  • bungalow,mass-chest of drawers,static dynamism,frozen music,moves as u drive through
  • alternations 3m n deeper recesses,vertical changes in height


  • units shade each other
  • bungalows shaded vertically by having masnetes on either side
  • 2-3m planters/garden in btw the units on the longer sides of the paralegram
  • on sides facing th road -overhands,recesses-3m overhang covering the parking space
  • massionetes have paring under bdg,bdg recessed almost 5m,upper side balcony-overhang of 1-2m balcony,the beam of 500 sunshades element
  • the bdg sunshaded on all 4 sides
  • n-s planters,bdg stacking creating fins vertically n shading maass over bungalows
  • facades,view of maass on upper levels overlooking bungalows-bedspace privacy-10mplus apart
  • bedspaces in front of bungalow n behing,living spaces in between-privacy locating sunshading system
  • combined units-corner bungalow shop,shopping center on outer perimeter


balance n trhythm contrats etc

  • balance-ratio of units,corner units,combined units
  • units almost mirrored along th road ie massinonete on either side of rd,bungalows facing bungalows
  • road widens out btw  2 masionettes -change in width n height
  • road narrows in btw bungalows wide narrow,wide narrows,both horizontally n vertically in perspective looks like chest of draweers sliding in n out-balance,play,dynamism