Clients / Surreal
Skills Used / Design,Research,Archicad,Sketchup,html,CSS
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•Damaged city image, city gateways-sense of place
•Traffic congestion, bottleneck, long travel distances, travel time
•Declining sports fields, open areas, leisure spaces within island
•Severed swahiliport city maritime connections
•Decay and underutilisationof waterfronts

Design Objectives
•Restore maritime connections
•Reconnect swahiliport cities
•Revitilisederelict waterfronts
•Intergrateport with urban fabric

•Restore/ conserve swahili intangible heritage
•Improve city ‘image’
•Improve social life, employment


  • Dhow cruise corridor to link swahilicities
  • pedestrianise old mombasaharbour
  • Provide water commuting system-restore maritime connections, ease congestion
  • Zone waterfront district-Increase/improve waterfront porosity,
  • revitilise mombasa’s derelict water edges