Adaptable Multi-Level Home with Eco-Friendly Design Houses Large Family of 9

Adaptable Multi-Level Home with Eco-Friendly Design Houses Large Family of 9

Every home has its own unique set of demand. And each home is designed in a special way to overcome the specific challenges of the lot it sits in while accommodating the needs of the homeowners. Designed by Charged Voids, Residence 568 in India has been crafted to house 9 members of a large, multi-generational family. The house is nestled in an area that is busy with a school just outside and this meant the designers had to bring the outdoors inside even as they provided complete privacy. This has been done using a central atrium and courtyard that becomes the heart and soul of the expansive residence.

View of the beautiful, modern home in India with a multi-level interior

The glass courtyard does much more than just bring in natural light with its design creating smart circulation of air and also delineating spaces with ease. It is the ground floor that holds the public area with the first floor containing the two master bedrooms for adults and the second level holding children’s bedrooms. An interesting addition in here is the space designed for domestic help on the second level that has a separate access from the rear yard using a spiral staircase.

Amazing central courtyard and atrium of home in India with green, modern design
Expansive dining area o the house next to the kitchen with a splash of green outside
Greenery and natural light enter the home thanks to the spacious central courtyard
Living area and dining space on the ground floor along with a courtyard that has water feature
Upper level of the house is designed to overlook the public areas along with a view of the courtyard

Special architectural features of the home do not end here with a custom, perforated metal sheet shaping the front façade of the home. The metallic cover allows filtered light inside the home while keeping out noise and improving privacy while passive heating and cooling techniques, an indoor water feature and central atrium combine to cut back the home’s dependence on conventional energy and make it a relaxing green hub.

Terrace gardens, a flexible paring area with movable roof design that can accommodate 4 cars with ease and smart, responsive interior complete this fabulous Indian home. [Photography: Javier Callejas]

Classic Indian design has been combined with modern aesthetics to create a stunning multi-generational home
Innovative design of the entrance to accommodate parking of 4 cars
Perforated metal sheet provides privacy while allowing for filtered light to enter the home
Terrace gardens bring freshness and calm to the contemporary home even as they flow indoors
Sectional view of the home with terrace gardens and central courtyard

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