Kitbash3D Models – Savage Free Download

Kitbash3D Models – Savage Free Download


Kitbash3D Models – Savage Free Download

Build barbaric realms with this kit’s primitive encampments, crude fortresses and inhumane structures. Construct wild lands in magical worlds or alternate histories on our own planet using these thatched-roof dwellings, mud-pile foundations, stone pillars, pike-ridden strongholds and much more!

Designed by Ryan Richmond, modeled by Michal Kozlowski, and texturing by Mike Golden, with cover art by Ryan Richmond.

This set of 3D assets will provide all the pieces you need to build your world, whether it’s for video games, film, television, design, or art. These completely customizable 3D assets will serve as the building blocks to create an original environment, and comes with Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, and 3ds Max native file support. With a license you can download this kit in multiple file formats, all you need to do is create a free account. Please note: this 3.0 Legacy kit does not include Unreal, Unity or Houdini native file support. This kit still uses the 3.0 spec/glossy materials and has not been updated to the 4.0 PBR workflow.

RENDER ENGINES Octane / Vray / Redshift / Native Renderers
POLY COUNT 3 Million
SHADERS Included

Kitbash3D Models – Savage Free Download

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