Scene Compositing

Scene Compositing

3D artists spend a lot of time working on individual “assets.” A piece of an environment, a building, an object, a character model, etc—this sort of work is the bread and butter for a professional 3D modeler.

But take a look around any CG community. Some of the most interesting personal work being shown around the forums—the stuff that really stands out—is usually more than just a collection of assets. The best artists are using their personal projects to tell stories, and they’re doing it by creating fully realized CG illustrations.

Tackling a full illustration is a pretty huge endeavor, especially if you’re a relative beginner, but having one or two under your belt will only make your portfolio stronger.We at Surreal have extensive 3d assets and 3d artists capable of modelling any scene your design can need and we do it in good time, so designers and architects can spend more time on design issues rather than figuring out how to model it and the cad limits.

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