Udemy – Blender 2.8 and Substance painter – 3D modeling game assets #CGI

Udemy – Blender 2.8 and Substance painter – 3D modeling game assets #CGI

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Title: Udemy – Blender 2.8 and Substance painter – 3D modeling game assets

What you’ll learn

3d modeling
sculpting details
optimising mesh for video games
uv unwrapping
baking details from high poly to low poly models
texturing the model in substance painter
rendering images and turntables and post processing them in blender
rendering images and turntables in marmoset ( optional bonus lesson )
importing your game ready asset into unreal engine and setting up the materials


very basic knowledge of blender
very basic knowledge of substance painter

In this course you will learn about useful addons in blender 2.8 . you will also learn how to properly make 3d models with good topology . and sculpt the details on the high poly models , then we will optimize a version of the model to make it game ready . then we will unwrap it and bake the textures with a method that will avoid most baking issues that occur to most people . we will also texture our model in substance painter and then export the textures to work with unreal engine , unity , and blender . we will also learn how to render a turntable in both blender and marmoset toolbag . the section with marmoset toolbag is a bonus so if you don’t own that software you can still follow the whole course without any issues .

In this course you will learn :

High poly modelling in Blender 2.8

Making the model game ready and low poly

Uv unwrapping our model

Baking and texturing in Substance painter

Importing the model into unreal engine

Rendering a turntable in Blender 2.8

Rendering a turntable in Marmoset toolbag

exporting a 3d viewer that you can upload to your portfolio from Marmoset toolbag

Enroll now and start making your game assets .
Who this course is for:

artists who want to get in the game indsutry and want to learn proper workflow of making high quality game ready assets
indie game devs who want to learn how to create custom 3d assets for their games






https://bytesbox.com/links/yXcc4StQaLepowH2szmFaPX3etYMzf?v=Udemy Blender 2.8 and Substance painter 3D modeling game assets




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