Virtual Reality Panoramas & Tours

Virtual Reality Panoramas & Tours

360 home tours are widely used for showing 360 degree view of homes.

Nowadays more and more people search for home listings on the internet, and according to National Association of Realtors Survey 2006, 88% of buyers who use the internet say that virtual tours are useful in their search. A virtual home tour, especially with 360 degree panoramic photos, can help to attract more potential buyers.

A 360 home tour for a real estate listing is so important that most real estate agents and realtors are adding it to their listings in, and also their website. Some hire photographers to take home photos to make 360 degree panoramic photos, and then design a virtual tour template with the realty company logo and agent information. There is no problem with this and it doesn’t costs too much time and money. Is it possible for real estate agents to get professional home tours with 360 degree panoramic images within a short time and at low cost? The answer is yes.

With the new tour development team and hosting service provided by Surreal Studios, it is possible to make unlimited 360 home tours for as little as $100.

There are two steps for creating a 360 home tour, first is to create 360 degree photos and second is create home tours with the 360 degree photos.

Surreal Studios offers affordable photo stitching for creating 360 degree cylindrical panoramas . It is specially designed for tour hosting platform, so the 360 degree photos stitched can only be used in tour hosting platform to create a virtual tour online

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